photo credit: Red Oak Photography 


I’ve always been passionate about design. At its core, what motivates me to design is the beauty behind the power to evoke a raw, spontaneous emotional response.

My pre-digital educational background initially led me to design with woven fibers and this served as my creative medium. I applied the principles and elements of design to create clothing. I was awarded “The First Lady’s Award” for outstanding design in 1980. Soon after graduation life just got in the way. I chose to shelve my creative side to opt for a stable job working as a petroleum marketer for a local oil Company. After 20 years, life was getting in the way again but this time I was given an opportunity to pursue whatever passion I wanted; so I chose to design again – but my medium is now Digital Photography and my passion is food photography.

Thanks goes to the greatest father-in-law ever, Stretch Yosaitis, who was instrumental in developing my passion for photography. I


p.s. - here's what I like to do in order to stay flexible: http:/​/​youtu.​be/​J8pC8kCFfWo


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